Communion Soldier's Diary

Entry #1


I finally completed basic swordsmanship and archery training. The officers thought I had better capabilities with a sword, but I think I’m a good shot with the bow too. I’ll practice my shooting on my own time. 


In the meantime, they said I’ll begin training on my elemental abilities. I wonder what that entails. I just know I’ll have to focus. 


Entry #2


I never could’ve guessed how intense one week of this would be. It takes everything in me to focus all of my energy onto a singular point, but I’m sure in time I’ll commit it to muscle memory, just like the rest. 


Fire is my favorite. It was fairly simple to get the flames flowing from my blade. The waves of fire that rippled out with each slash was like nothing I’ve ever seen. 

Still, my commanders says I’m better suited for lightning. After all, it was my “speed” that distinguished me from the other squires.


They told me to forget everything I’d learned. 


Entry #3


I channelled lightning for the first time today. My superiors were right.


It took a bit longer to get used to this affinity, but my speed greatly improved. So much for my delusions about the bow. The bolts I can blast from my blade are far more effective and accurate.


It’s energy-draining and it can be exhausting after a day of training, but I want to learn more. There’s so much more to learn...